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The Pristine Fortifications

Dokkumer hotspot

On April 7, 1581, Prince William of Orange issued a directive that continues to benefit Dokkum today. The prince wanted a hexagonal defensive structure to be built around Dokkum. Six protruding bastions, a 24-meter-wide moat, and ramparts over five meters high were intended to protect Dokkum from the enemy. However, no attack ever occurred.

Fortunately! Now, residents and visitors can enjoy the pristine fortifications daily. A walk along these 2.4-kilometer-long ramparts is a popular activity, featuring various sights such as the windmills Zeldenrust and De Hoop, the four gates, 19th-century cannons, and beautiful vistas.

The Zeldenrust mill stands on the Baantjebolwerk. It was built in 1862 as a grain and peeling mill. On the Zuiderbolwerk stands the De Hoop grain mill from 1849. Both monuments are highly photogenic. To get the best shot, you should head out of the city center and shoot from the other side of the water. However, if you hear the bells ring at 9:50 PM, pay close attention! The ringing is a reminder of times past. “Ten minutes left! Come inside! The city gates are closing!”

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