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Boniface, whose real name is Winfrid, was born in 672 in Crediton, England. From a young age, he knew he wanted to spread the word of God and did everything possible to embark on missions. In 716, he first traveled to Friesland, but due to the political situation, he returned without much success.

In the following years, operating from Fulda (Germany), he laid the foundation for nearly the entire German church. He became an archbishop in various locations, but that was not enough for him. Boniface wanted to convert the resistant Frisians and thus embarked on another mission.

In 754, he headed to a baptismal feast he had announced near Dokkum. However, on the way, he encountered people who did not want to convert. Boniface and 52 companions were killed. There is some doubt about the manner of his death. Some say Boniface was ambushed, implying murder. Others describe an open armed confrontation, which would indicate manslaughter. Either way, Dokkum is the crime scene.

In honor of Boniface, the Boniface Chapel was built in 1934. In front of the chapel lies a spring, believed to have healing properties. Whether it helps or not, it certainly doesn’t hurt!

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