Employment, Activity, and Fame for Dokkum

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In 1597, the admiralty established itself in Dokkum. Their task? Equipping and manning sea ships for the defense of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. In 1607, Captain Theunis Wolterz was asked to join the Dutch fleet, bringing along the flagship of the Dokkum admiralty: De Friesche Pinas. Theunis and his crew sailed towards Spain to participate in the Battle of Gibraltar.

The Dutch fleet achieved a great victory. Theunis and his crew were very successful, capturing a Spanish ship! Upon returning to Dokkum, the captain was rewarded with a new employment contract and 50 carolus guilders.

A few years later, in 1618, the admiralty moved to a building on the Diepswal, the location where Museum Dokkum and a Tourist Information Point are now situated. Although only a small part of the current building is still authentic, it is a reminder of the prosperous period. The admiralty brought employment, activity, and fame.

However, the joy was short-lived: the connection to the sea silted up. Dokkum lost its crucial sea access, and in 1645, the admiralty moved to Harlingen. People like Theunis either moved with it or became unemployed. A new era began: ‘poor Dokkum’.


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